All Good Things Must Come to an End

All of you have read the message from Gary Wales about the theft at his home on Car Night.  On its own, this is a shocking piece of news and a very troubling situation for all of us.  Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident. I received several messages from other hosts who had not reported their losses to me, including a theft from our own home.  In addition, I got messages from some who will never host this group again due to people going through their belongings and/or home or other forms of total disrespect for their property or privacy.  Coupled with the increasing percentage of people who come only for the free food and drink we have become a less than welcome group in a growing number of places.

At this point I cannot in good conscience ask anyone to host Car Night.  It is sad but true that here, as in many other situations, a few people ruin a good thing for everyone else.

I know that most of us are real car guys and also decent human beings.  We all know that, but we also must face facts, our group has been infiltrated by mooches and thieves. The only solution I can see is to bid farewell to 30 plus years of Car Night.